Recent Publications

  • F. Paula et al. (2019) The potential for polyphosphate metabolism in Archaea and anaerobic polyphosphate formation in Methanosarcina mazei. [ Nature :: Scientific Reports ]

  • L. Tonoyan et al. (2019) Continuous culture of Escherichia coli, under selective pressure by a novel antimicrobial complex, does not result in development of resistance. [ Nature :: Scientific Reports ]

  • F. Paula et al. (2019) Organic soil amendment with Spent Mushroom Substrate results in fungal colonisation, alters bacterial-fungal co-occurrence patterns and improves plant productivity. [ bioRxiv ]

Current Projects

  • Teagasc PhD Walsh Scholarship: System optimization for the anaerobic co-digestion of slurry with mono-culture and mixed species grass feedstocks. [ Read More ]

  • METH-ABATE, funded by the DAFM (Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine): Development and validation of novel technologies to reduce methane emissions from Irish agricultural systems. [ Read More ]

  • MAME (Managing Agricultural Methane Emissions), funded by SFI (Science Foundation Ireland): Transforming the greenhouse gas footprint and bio-economic value of ruminant agriculture by selective inhibition of methanogenic archaea. [ Read More ]

  • S-BREW (Sustainable Bio-Renewable Energy from Wastewater), funded by DTIF (Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund) for the Food & Drink wastewater sector that will reduce land-spread waste and produce high-quality renewable energy. [ Read More]

  • GEBTech (Green Energy Boosting Technology) with Teagasc, funded by SEAI and Enterprise Ireland: A novel treatment for farm slurries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to generate energy. [ Read More ]

  • DPTC (Dairy Processing Technology Centre), funded by Enterprise Ireland: Collaborative Industry-Academic Research Projects [ Read More ]

  • INSP (Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform) funded by EPA Ireland: Addressing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) [ Read More ]

  • Sustainable nutrient recovery for management of nitrogen rich residue streams, funded by EPA Ireland: Sustainable Nitrogen will investigate development of a sustainable system to improve bioenergy and nutrient recovery from ammoniacal wastes/residues. [ Read More ]

  • The conversion of wastewater from food processing facilities to chemicals, such as VFAs and MCCAs, by adapting anaerobic digestion, funded by SFI. [ Read More ]

  • GreenGas (GG) Cluster: Developing the data sets underpinning validation of the technical, economic and environmental performance arising from operation of an integrated GG Cluster. [ Read More ]

  • Validation of High Rate Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Wastewaters, funded by SFI. [ Read More ]

Opportunities & Collaborations

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